Shantel Davis

Pattern Making
Fashion Designer
Cut And Sew


I started sketching styles at the age of 11. Then at the age of 13 I started learning how to sew in Home Economic class. Then it became an addiction. In high school I sketched my latest styles I own like a lot of portfolios. At the age of 17 I sewed and designed my own costume for a talent show I was in. I made a dress without a pattern. My mom, My ant and my grandma use to sew. You can say that it runs in the family. I learned that my Mom designed clothes for my other siblings.

I'm Looking For...

I am looking for reliable and paying clients. Serious Inquiries Only! I am also looking for models to promote my work for photo shoots and fashion show events, repeating or new models.

(786) 307-1879 (786) 307-1879